8th Munich Cleantech Conference – Energy Becomes Service

The 8th Munich Cleanteach Conference will take place on November 20th.  The conference will focus on

  • Energy Utilities transitioning from Power Suppliers to Service Providers
  • Decentralization, increasing volatility, flexibility options
  • When will we have an energy flat rate?
  • Financing energy facilities and infrastructure to realize the ‘Energy becomes Service’ shift
  • Energy 3.0 – Opportunities and advantages for new entrants

Dr Christian Feißt from GreenCom Networks will join the conference and discuss with others in Panel 3 the topic energy Flatrates, trying to answer questions like “Will we have a flat rate for electricity, like in telecommunications?”, “What are the implications for utilities’ business model?”, “How can security of supply be ensured?”, “Will energy prices keep increasing?”, “Will electricity even come free with other services?”, “What are the international tariff developments?” and “Which players are already disrupting the market today?”