We build the new energy world – digital, distributed and customer-centric

This is the only world we have and we must all work to keep it a good place to live. To do that, we need to change the status quo. Quickly. In the energy industry, we need to think about mobility, heating and our household electricity differently.

As GreenCom, we are driving this transition: Away from big, dirty power plants to clean renewable power in every home. From centralised power to decentralised energy systems. From paper bills to digital, crystal-clear, exciting and easy-to-use smart apps.

Why? Because the transition to clean energy will only be successful if it inspires end customers, regardless of their income or technical background. It will only be successful if it takes place at home, visible in an app, with value creation for end customers and industry players.

Employee of GreenCom Networks working with the company's end customer app
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We helped build the first energy flat rate in Germany. We launched the first fully functional end-to-end energy community with actual local energy sharing. By ourselves. The point being? This works. We made history in the past, and we are working on new amazing things as we speak.

Romain Trigance

Service Delivery Team

Try things, have fun, get things done

At GreenCom, we share one goal: create a green energy world. We believe everyone should play a part in that, with technology development and use being vital to the solution. To get there, we are not afraid to try new things. In fact, GreenCom was the enabler for the first energy flat rate and built the first local energy sharing community. We recently launched an innovative heating joint venture turning hundreds of thousands of old storage heaters into smart and flexible heating assets.

And we enjoy the journey. We are a German-French company, bringing together many cultures, languages and nationalities. We profit from this variety and from the different strengths each member of our team brings. We push each other to be our best: age, gender, or seniority do not matter – everyone chips in to reach the goal. Where or when we work is secondary. What does matter? Get it done, have fun.

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What the team says

Want to work with us?

GreenCom has offices in Munich, Germany, and Sophia Antipolis, France. The tech team and lab are located in France, while other teams and the head are based mostly in Germany. Together, we are changing the energy world. Do you share our ambitions and enjoy working in an environment that is both fun and challenging? Then GreenCom is the place for you.

Our doors are always open to the best and most motivated entrepreneurial talents. Whether you are a developer, project manager, marketer, or motivated salesperson – our dynamic international team welcomes what you have to offer.

Interested? Forward your application (CV and cover letter) to jobs@greencom-networks.com

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GreenCom works with leading utility, OEM and energy service companies in the industry. Integrating with best-in-class solutions is the foundation of our success and our partners are committed to pushing for open standards to maximise value for our customers.