Leverage the power of residential energy assets

Combine the perfect use of distributed energy assets with smartly charged EVs. And fully engaged energy communities. And highly efficient heat.

Maximised self-consumption with home energy management

Intelligently connect all types of assets like solar PV, battery storages, wall boxes, heat pumps and more within the home. Manage the energy flows to reduce electricity off-take from the grid.

Use self-learning forecasts and smart algorithms to set and execute the optimal use of home energy leading to up to 20% additional self-consumption. Reduce the energy bill, increase independence and reduce the carbon footprint.

Electric vehicle charging at home: smart & green

Turn solar power into electric car fuel, use price signals to steer charging behaviour and dynamically stay within the available grid capacity of the house.

Optimise electric vehicle charging and save money and CO2 whilst providing a unique charging experience and maximum transparency.

Smart heat for a lower cost at the same comfort

Save on heating costs for heat pumps, storage heaters and smart boilers by smartly shifting electricity consumption for heating and hot water preparation to solar production times or low energy prices.

Improve the heating curve by deeper optimisations of temperate setpoints and profit from lower cost and less CO2, all without impacting heating comfort.

Customer engagement in practice, for all assets, and in real-time

Whether on desktop or mobile, profit from a fully white-label customer portal environment aimed at maximum customer interaction: 


Real-time energy flows of production, consumption and more from all assets


Customisable dashboard with widgets and KPIs


Detailed reports, analyses, comparisons and data exports


Choice of optimisation targets


Customer notifications
GreenCom end customer front ends on imac - ipad - and iphone

A truly local and real end-to-end energy community

Enable prosumers and consumers to share energy among themselves and realise maximum independence. Optimise energy flows within and between houses utilising the distributed energy resources present.

Match and improve real, local production and consumption and create economic benefits from the latest community legislative incentives.

A view on the local energy community: live and on all devices

Show the whole community or just a single household, visualise energy flows between houses or just single assets — all in one customer portal.


Real-time energy flows of production and consumption for the community and houses


A live community energy balance


Dashboard, reports and notifications included


3rd party integrations possibilities (e.g. billing or CRM)
Energy Community front end by GreenCom Networks

Real-time remote monitoring on one single platform

Get direct and detailed access to all customer assets with real-time insights on connectivity, energy data and performance.

Continuously monitor the portfolio and benefit from alerts, notifications and anomaly detection for proactive customer service delivery. Inspect asset failures to manage customer quality and work effectiveness.

Use deep learning technology to analyse data, discover and leverage potential customer value and lower operative costs with one overarching operations platform.

One platform to run all decentralised energy use cases

Each use case has its own requirements and challenges, but they all run on one end-to-end IoT platform covering everything: From end-customer assets to connectivity to processing and optimisation on the platform to taking into account external and internal input. And of course, this leads to various end-customer and customer outputs. Maybe a seamless mobile app for homeowners, a site and asset management platform for service providers or something else, depending on the individual needs.  

Illustration of GreenCom Networks' technology platform covering everything from assets to connectivity, data processing, external and internal data input and end customer and customer interface

Want to meet in person? Online?

Come by our booth at a trade show, or visit one of our webinars – see our events below:

Residential Demand Response and V2G empowered by Home Energy Management - presentation at Power2Drive Europe Conference

11. May 2022, 02:05 pm – 02:20 pm, ICM Munich, Germany

Attend the Power2Drive Europe conference, where our product manager for Smart Charging, Dr Alexander Schuller, will present the findings of the Dingle project, a GreenCom and ESB pilot exploring the integration of distributed energy assets.

Presenation at ACI Digital Utilities Europe 2022 Conference

08-09 June 2022, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Our Co-CEO, Peter Müller-Brühl, will present at the ACI Digital Utilities Conference and touch upon smart, sustainable, and decarbonisation innovations. 

Eurelectric PowerSummit

15-16 June 2022, Brussels, Belgium

Meet us at the Eurelectric annual meeting and let’s have a chat!

Our customers and partners

GreenCom's mission: A digital, distributed and customer-centric energy world

Pushing the energy transition

We have only one world. And we should make sure it is a good place for our children and grandchildren as well. As an energy IoT company, GreenCom pushes the energy transition: Away from old, dirty and central to digital, renewable and customer-centric energy services.

Energy services coming in seamless front ends

To make it happen, GreenCom has built up an extensive driver library to integrate and control hundreds of distributed assets, has implemented self-learning optimisation algorithms, has built energy sharing mechanisms and of course, seamless and intuitive end-customer front ends.

At the heart of it all: the GreenCom team

However, as important as GreenCom’s technology and apps are, GreenCom’s heart is its employees: A mix of German, French and many other nationalities committed to GreenCom’s mission, pushing the limits and each other.

Want to be a part of GreenCom as a developer, project manager, marketer or salesperson? Visit our company page and see the current job ads.

Writing a distributed energy success story

From idea to an energy IoT platform

At first, there was conviction: The energy world will be decentralised, digital and it will all be behind the meter. Then, GreenCom started building a platform to make it all possible. Along the way, the term IoT became fashionable, more and more assets flooded the market and GreenCom’s team grew from a handful to over 50 people.

Joint Ventures, investments and small and large customers

Of course, building a platform alone is not enough. To make the transition happen, it must integrate devices, optimise energy flows, aggregate capacity and enable energy sharing. Which it did. First with small customers, then with several small customers and some big customers putting all in all tens of thousands of assets on the platform.

Along the way, known investors and partners accelerated the journey and awards gathered recognition. And founding a joint venture with the GETEC group put GreenCom up for long-term revenue and large asset numbers added each year.

Visit GreenCom’s investor and press relations page to learn more about the business.

The energy industry: Going from commodity to exciting

Covering what happens in the distributed energy asset management space

Energy communities enabling energy sharing, DSOs testing distributed asset aggregation and storage heaters providing flexibility – the energy industry is moving. Fast. And GreenCom is right in the middle of it.

Read the latest news about GreenCom Networks or chat up on developments in the industry in our news and blog section.