Next-Generation Digital Retail Utility – EDP Teams Up with GreenCom Networks to Enable Innovative Energy Services and Products for End Customers

Lisbon, Munich, April 20th, 2018. EDP is preparing its retail business for the digital future. While the energy industry is becoming increasingly decentralized – with solar PV, battery storage and the uptake of electric vehicles – future utility companies will have to turn themselves into digital service providers. Just like in other industries where digitization disrupted existing business models, the main asset of a utility will be the end customer who owns the solar PV or the electric vehicle.

To meet this challenge, EDP is turning itself into a data-driven service provider that continuously offers new and innovative services focused on the end customer. As an enabling foundation for these services, EDP is leveraging GreenCom Networks’ Energy Information Brokerage Platform. “Digital technology helps us to be faster and more innovative in our services which we offer to our customers. GreenCom Networks is providing us with a leading-edge technology platform that realizes the Energy Internet of Things and enables us to create new products and services for our customers rapidly” says Marta Diaz from EDP Spain.

“EDP is one of the global leaders in the utility industry. We are proud to be a partner to support EDP in utilizing the opportunities of the digital energy future”, comments Christian Feisst, CEO of GreenCom Networks. Romain Trigance, GreenComs’ technical lead for the EDP project, adds: “We have worked with many energy companies. But partnering with EDP is exciting given the size of its customer base and the aspiration of becoming a true innovation leader. With EDP, we can prove the strengths of our technology”.

The partnership between EDP and GreenCom Networks is one of the outcomes of the Free Electrons initiative that EDP established together with seven other international utilities. Out of more than 450 applicants, twelve innovative start-up companies were selected to work on future business models in the energy industry. GreenCom Networks was one of the companies that participated in the Free Electrons program. “This collaboration with GreenCom Networks demonstrates the benefits of our commitment towards innovation and collaboration with start-ups that we are driving forward with initiatives like Free Electrons,” says Luis Manuel, GM of EDP Innovation and one of the founders of the Free Electrons program.

About EDP

EDP is an energy producer, distributor and retailer with 12 million customers in Portugal, Spain and Brazil. EDP has over 25GW of power production capacity of which 5GW are hydro and 10GW are wind, making it the 4th largest wind power producer in the world and 3rd in the US. Its renewable power business is present in 14 countries including the US and Brazil.

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