This webinar lies in the past, see a recording in German here. Find the English version hereSee also our Energy Community use case page.

GreenCom Networks will host its first Energie Communities Webinar on the 29. of July, addressing the challenge of establishing a sustainable energy community.

When: Monday, 29.07.2020, 10:00 Europe Berlin [GMT 2]

How to register – You can register here.

Energie Communities Webinar – What it is about

For some time, energy communities have been quite a buzzword in the industry. Their forms and technical setup though vary significantly. Also, established and large energy communities are rare. So, how do we get from marketing-driven to sustainable business models? And what would an end-to-end energy community with benefits for customers and utilities look like?

We will address these questions in the webinar and in doing so have a close look at our own shine energy community – including a live demo of the shine apps.

Energie Communities Webinar – example front end by GreenCom Networks
Energie Communities Webinar – example front end by GreenCom Networks

Language: The webinar will be held in German!

Speakers: Dr. Christian Feißt, CEO of GreenCom Networks, and Jan Lengerke, CSO of GreenCom Networks, will jointly present.