Build a local Energy Community: sustainable, reliable and cost-effective

Enable end-customers to share energy and benefit from renewable Energy Community legislation incentives

Energy Communities with GreenCom - benefits for end customers and service providers

An Energy Community is all about sharing. Sharing energy, having fun and reducing the bill, emissions and, of course, cost. After all, what fun would an expensive community be? Exactly.

Cost savings and emissions reduction

With fewer emissions and less costs, increased self-consumption at home and in the community creates a good feeling for all community members. Each one can save up to 20% on their annual energy bill and reduce CO2 emissions by 1.7 t on average each year.

Real-time matching and visualisation

Energy Communities can be quite virtual, marketing-driven. Or, they enable real-time matching of production and consumption. Actual energy sharing, real benefits. Plus, it’s all in the app: Live energy flows at home and in the community, reports, customisable dashboards.

Two-folded optimisation

Home energy management optimises energy flows in the home. But what about the community?  Energy Community optimisation follows local household optimisation. The results? More than 60 % self-consumption rate within the community.

End-to-end solution for different markets

Customer on-boarding, connection and activation, optimisation, billing and more – enjoy a true end-to-end solution with possible 3rd party integrations. Plus, enable the right fit at any time based on the flexible market model integrations.

All building blocks for Energy Communities are available

Building Energy Communities from entry-level solution to One-Stop-Shop

GreenCom’s local Energy Community Solution matches local energy production with local consumption in close to real time. The platform connects and optimises energy production assets like solar PV with energy consumption assets like battery storages, electric vehicles and heat pumps, and of course, smart meters – within each house and between connected houses. It is an end-to-end solution with modular components catering to specific legislative models or any desired local setup.

Deliver value to all involved via Energy Communities

Sharing energy between prosumers and consumers ensures a maximum rate of self-consumption and minimum level of electricity offtake from the grid – for the whole community. Visualisation and gamification create even more involvement and engagement. In the end, it is one local community, real and tangible, connected and optimised, delivering concrete benefits for all community participants.

One community, many assets, one app for everything


Live status of energy flows within each household and community


Detailed data on community grid feed-in and off-take


Customisable dashboard with community and household widgets


Reporting function with personal and community energy data


And much more …
Energy Community front end by GreenCom Networks

With the Clean Energy Package, the Energy Community becomes the starting point for local energy sharing. The time is right, and with the shine Energy Community, we’ve already shown how to turn the concept into reality.

Henrik Schapp

Head of Energy Communities, GreenCom Networks

Customer example: GreenCom's very own end-to-end Energy Community showcase​

To prove the viability of Energy Communities, GreenCom built its own end-to-end Energy Community showcase using its end-customer brand shine. The local community south of Munich features prosumers and consumers and connects to assets like solar PV systems, battery storage, electric vehicles, heat pumps, and even micro CHPs.

All assets contribute to the balancing of community consumption and production. Matching is done in close to real-time and an attractive bonus scheme incentivises local generation and consumption further.

On the technical level, GreenCom handles customer on-boarding, supplier switching processes, electricity delivery, home energy management and billing, as well as monitoring and matching community energy flows, laying the foundation for a full end to end white-label solution.



Connect, aggregate and control distributed energy assets on household and community level. Match local production and consumption and calculate cash bonus for members.

Energy Community front end by GreenCom Networks

Get in contact, start your own Energy Community

Henrik Schapp, Head of Energy Communities at GreenCom Networks

Henrik Schapp

Head of Energy Communities

Henrik is GreenCom’s go-to person when it comes to energy communities. He leads all related projects, including the company’s own real-life energy community, which he helped build end-to-end. Before working with GreenCom, Henrik helped build brands in the energy space like Digital Energy Solutions or beegy and was responsible for Consumer Online Services like Hotmail and Messenger at Microsoft in Germany.