GreenCom Networks Strengthens its Supervisory Board with Two International Experts for the Digital Energy Transition

Munich, 9 August 2018. The international energy experts Maikel van Verseveld and Gerard Reid are strengthening the Supervisory Board of GreenCom Networks AG in Munich. With this prominent support, the company, which was founded in 2011, is setting the course for further strong growth in Europe. The Dutchman Maikel van Verseveld is a senior partner at Accenture Energy and one of the best known and best-networked consultants in the international energy world. The Briton Gerard Reid is a recognized financing expert in the field of digital energy transactions. “GreenCom will benefit from this expertise, the experience and the network of the two new supervisory boards as it continues to expand,” says Dr. Christian Feißt, CEO of GreenCom Networks AG: “It is extremely important for our further development to have gained such recognized experts for this role.”

“In my consulting activities, I come into contact with many young companies throughout Europe who want to shape tomorrow’s energy world with good ideas,” Maikel van Verseveld explains his motivation: “The concept and the approach of GreenCom Networks have greatly impressed me from the very beginning. I am therefore convinced that the company can make a decisive contribution to the digital energy transition and I would like to support this path as a Supervisory Board member.” Gerard Reid is active in the asset-financing sector of the energy world and will support GreenCom’s expansion in this area: “As the new energy world will essentially emerge beyond the large corporations that dominated the market in the past, it is important to develop sustainable financing models for digital energy businesses. A concept like that of GreenCom must therefore also be flexible and powerful in this respect.”

GreenCom Networks AG provides the energy industry with innovative digital solutions at the interface to the Internet of Things. With its Energy Information Brokerage Platform (EIBP), the company has developed a white label solution for the management of decentralized energy systems. This allows for the networking and optimized use of millions of decentralized systems such as photovoltaics, battery storage, heat pumps, air conditioning systems and electric cars. This results in brand new business models for energy services through to carefree services such as flat rates for electricity or air conditioning in combination with decentralized systems or energy community approaches. Dr. Feißt: “In the digital age, data, its analysis and processing are the raw materials of the new energy world.”