• UP-STAIRS, 3-year citizens’ collective energy action project led by Tyndall National Institute’s International Energy Research Centre based in Ireland, receives €2M in Horizon 2020 funding.
  • The project aims to develop a standard framework for the growth of energy communities and to facilitate citizen participation in the transition from a consumer to a prosumer market.
  • GreenCom Networks develops digital platform hosting UP-STAIRS’ energy service model framework as well as an app to connect community members and UP-STAIRS implementation champions with an overall objective of promoting collective action.
  • In addition, GreenCom Networks will set up a pilot region to test tailor-made one-stop-shop business model.

Munich, 18th of November 2020. Building an energy community comes with many hurdles. In most cases, local groups struggle with barriers like lack of experience, resources, networks, time or even finance. To resolve these needs, the UP-STAIRS project establishes a one-stop-shop solution providing information, advice, capacity building, energy auditing, financing, and implementation of energy efficiency and energy conservation solutions, as well as monitoring of impacts and benefits. With this holistic approach, the UP-STAIRS project will push for an effective and accelerated growth of sustainable energy communities. The necessary service model framework will be made available through local authorities who will drive the uptake of energy efficiency and energy conservation measures in residential communities.

UP-STAIRS One-Stop-Shop illustration, a Horizon 2020 project

GreenCom Networks to develop digital platform for UP-STAIRS

To aid these goals, GreenCom Networks will develop a digital platform connecting community members among each other and with UP-STAIRS’ implementation champions aiming to promote collective action in communities. Furthermore, a digital version of the UP-STAIRS energy service model framework will include useful features like workflows, interactive business model canvases, financial model analysis or decision-making tools to help with operational needs. Furthermore, GreenCom will deploy learnings from the Brunnthal energy community and set up a pilot region to test the tailor-made open-source business model, combining decentralised energy resources with energy efficiency measures.

Henrik Schapp, UP-STAIRS project lead at GreenCom Networks, said: “Building an energy community is not a trivial matter – it is quite complex, but at the same time absolutely necessary to lift the energy transition to the next level. We’re delighted to share our experience from the Brunnthal energy community with the UP-STAIRS project that will help reduce all kinds of hurdles delaying new energy communities. We need energy communities to make the energy industry more sustainable, and the UP-STAIRS project will help immensely.”

About GreenCom Networks

GreenCom Networks is a leading energy IoT company, with offices in Munich, Germany, and Sophia-Antipolis, France. Since 2011, GreenCom has been developing the energy system of the future. Using its Energy Information Brokerage Platform (eibp), GreenCom integrates distributed assets like solar PV, battery storage, electric vehicles, and heat pumps. Based on its eibp, GreenCom enables white-label end customers services like energy communities and energy flat rates. GreenCom also offers optimisation and visualisation of energy flows in homes, to utilities and manufacturers of energy-relevant devices.

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About the UP-STAIRS project

UP-STAIRS stands for “UP-lifting Communities: Structuring collective Action for Sustainable local Transition and Identifying Regulatory Solutions for adopting frontier technologies and disruptive business models”.
To make the electricity market fit for the future, the Clean Energy Package (CEP) strikes a balance between decisions made at EU, national and local levels. While Member States can choose their own energy mix, it must meet commitments to improve energy efficiency and the take-up of renewables by 2030. The CEP contains two definitions of energy community: Citizen Energy Community and Renewable Energy Community. The EU-funded UP-STAIRS project will provide a common framework for the growth of these energy communities. It aims to facilitate citizen participation in the transition from a consumer market to a ‘prosumer market’, while enabling local authorities to work closely with citizens on this journey through a one-stop shop. The project’s common framework includes business models, relevant policy and regulatory advice, and support for assessing a community’s energy potential. For more information see: