• Munich’s GreenCom Networks, a world-leading energy IoT company, has been recognized by the German Association of Electrical Engineering for its groundbreaking use of digitalization and technology to build a scalable energy community offering
  • Real-time energy IoT solution that currently is pioneered in Bavarian village as blueprint for the utility of the future both gaining regional and international traction

Munich’s GreenCom Networks has started an energy community in Brunnthal, that connects consumers and producers of energy directly with each other and incentivizes them to match local production and consumption using Greencom’s platform and IoT products. “We are very proud that the VDE as an extremely reputable organization in the world of German engineering has decided that our approach and technology is worthy of such recognition,” says Jan Roschek, Senior Vice President of GreenCom and responsible for all Partnerships and relations with professional organizations.

GreenCom aims to use the Bavarian village as a showcase to demonstrate an easy and seamless integration of all its IoT products ranging from the connection of decentralized energy devices, optimization of local production and consumption, the visualization and management of energy communities to the creation and billing of flexible tariffs and advanced Virtual Power Plant applications.

Dr. Felix Grolman, Chief Commercial Officer and responsible for shine, the energy community brand of GreenCom, notes: “We don’t see anyone else in the market who can offer an energy community product end-to-end in the market. We are thrilled to see the current surge in demand in our B2B client segment with utilities but as well other consumer-facing organizations for our product. We believe that only by connecting each and every home and enabling customers to become energy producers in a simple and attractive way we can help the energy industry to live up to its responsibility to tackle the climate crisis by offering customer-centric new services.”

VDE award focused on ability to provide real-time transparency

The award focused on GreenCom’s ability to provide real-time transparency for community members and being able to optimize solar panels, batteries, heat pumps and micro-CHPs whilst at the same time connecting to electric mobility and other large energy consumers. After finding the optimal balance for one house the platform proceeds to find the optimum between several houses, a neighbourhood and then the complete village. This cellular approach of energy systems is strongly promoted both by the VDE and GreenCom and will ultimately enable a whole country or continent to find its optimal energy balance by combining thousands of smaller cells in one optimized system.

“I am delighted to see such a great application of the advanced technology that we have built at GreenCom over the years,”, adds Dr. Christian Feißt, CEO of GreenCom, “ we believe that through accessible and easy-to-implement technology we can offer our European and Global clients truly scalable solutions for their millions of energy customers. Together we can make the energy transition work!”

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