• shine completes its work on technical and commercial set-up of local energy community in Brunnthal
  • The GreenCom Networks brand manages to establish local production and consumption matching in real time
  • Prosumers and consumers share energy and receive a bonus for energy used in their local community
  • GreenCom Networks serves increased interest in energy independence from Covid-19 challenges

Local energy community with close to real-time matching 

Munich, 3rd of November 2020. One year ago, shine, a brand of GreenCom Networks, started working on an energy community in Brunnthal, a village south of Munich. Within this community, members would share their surplus electricity with other members and, conversely, also receive electricity if they would not produce enough.

Today, plenty of consumers and prosumers share energy with each other using solar PV systems, battery storages, electric vehicles, heat pumps and even micro CHPs among others to contribute to the balancing of the community consumption and production. This matching is done in close to real-time – a novelty in the energy industry. As promised from the start, an attractive bonus scheme incentivises local generation and consumption for producers and consumers alike and all energy flows at home and in the community are shown live on mobile and desktop apps. See examples screenshots below.

On the technical level, customer onboarding, supplier switching processes, electricity delivery, home energy management, billing as well as monitoring and matching community energy flows are fully implemented. The Brunnthal energy community is live and welcomes new members, consumers and prosumers, every month. Non-members can have a closer look at the fully functional app by using a demo account, which can be found here: (click on demo account).

Brunnthal – a blueprint for local energy communities

GreenCom’s Head of Community Business, Henrik Schapp, who is leading the effort, said: “The Brunnthal energy community offers end customers a unique experience – tariff switching, smart meter installation, home energy management, visibility via app, bonuses and billing – it’s all digital, smooth and easy to understand. This way, the energy community becomes a reality for Brunnthal rather than a distant energy industry buzzword. We’re happy we brought Brunnthal one step closer to becoming carbon neutral and are looking forward to onboarding more and more customers every month.”

Dr Christian Feisst, CEO of GreenCom Networks, added: “We started the Brunnthal community to showcase to the industry that energy communities do indeed work. Through some effort on the technical and the marketing side, we can now say that the community is fully operational and running. And when talking to customers and prospects, we see that this little village has become a shining example for other utilities.”

Front end for local energy community by GreenCom Networks
The shine front end offers an intuitive and customisable front end for local energy community members.


  • Brunnthal is a municipality in the district of Munich, the state of Bavaria, with a population of 5,546 (according to 2018 statistics) and an area of 27 km2.
  • GreenCom Networks is a leading energy IoT company, with offices in Munich, Germany, and Sophia-Antipolis, France. Since 2011, GreenCom has been developing the energy system of the future. Using its Energy Information Brokerage Platform (eibp), GreenCom integrates distributed assets like solar PV, battery storage, electric vehicles and heat pumps. Based on its eibp, GreenCom enables white-label end customers services like energy communities and energy flat rates. GreenCom also offers optimisation and visualisation of energy flows in homes, to utilities and manufacturers of energy-relevant devices.
  • shine, a GreenCom Networks brand, is an energy community provider enabling consumers and prosumers to share energy with each other while reducing costs and emissions. The offer provides end customers with a seamless experience and supplies solution operators with a means of visualisation and control of all energy-relevant processes in real-time.
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