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Deliver Home Energy Management the right way – connect solar PV to a battery, wall charger and a heat pump, optimise for maximum self-consumption and create end-customer value.


Today, every distributed energy asset comes with its own connectivity solution, its own app and its own customer experience. That creates unique challenges which, until now, have been difficult for asset management companies to overcome:

  • An end-to-end approach covering the whole house – it’s been missing.
  • Connectivity across different asset types, regardless of manufacturer –  remained a challenge.
  • A full overview of household consumption or production – it’s not been available.
  • Reports and live data to boost customer engagement – not there.
  • Optimisation schemes managing energy flows for all assets at home to cut costs and emissions – it hardly seemed possible.

GreenCom Networks’ solution overcomes all these and more – with the GreenCom platform, these functionalities can be easily implemented to offer maximum benefits for providers and end customers alike.

Home Energy Management with GreenCom - benefits for end customers and service providers

Home Energy Management is more than connecting and controlling residential assets. It gives homeowners a means to take energy matters into their own hands, enabling maximised self-consumption, transparency and much more. 

Extensive connectivity, supporting 600+ assets

Connect and integrate the vast majority of assets in the market – regardless of manufacturer, model or type – and lay the foundation to deliver optimisation and high customer engagement apps.

Maximised optimisation to get up to 50% cost saving

Optimise all energy flows in the household and increase solar PV self-consumption to reduce emissions and grid feed-in. Include variables such as time-of-use tariffs, grid capacity and asset efficiency. 

Full transparency and enhanced engagement

Use real-time transparency to provide an intuitive and holistic home overview. Establish real engagement with individual dashboards, reports, updates and several optimisation algorithms to choose from. An excellent foundation to leverage cross- and upselling possibilities.

Fully scalable and VPP-ready

Experience true scalability: With tens of thousands of assets running on GreenCom’s platform, volume is never an issue. Neither is a virtual power plant (VPP) integration: Use the aggregated potential of assets for commodity market offerings, flexibility products or other VPP structures.

Integration, optimisation and savings of up to 50% - how it works

Connect energy assets through a large asset integration library

GreenCom has built up a large driver library for distributed energy resources. With more than 600 different assets integrated, the platform works with the most important asset brands, models and types, such as solar PV, battery storage, heat pumps, EV chargers or storage heaters. With this compatibility built in, GreenCom provides optimisation capabilities and delivers data for all customer engagement components. Need a new asset integrated? GreenCom has the tools to integrate it quickly.

Manage energy flows and optimise for self-consumption

Enable the most effective use of home storage systems with all integrated assets. Use solar production and battery storage to store energy for times when there is little sun and run the heat pump for space heating and hot water preparation, based on solar forecasts and real-time data feeds.

Offer freedom to end customers

Satisfy different needs for different customers in an instant: Some are economically driven, others want to maximise their independence or minimise their carbon footprint. No problem. Empower your customers – they can choose different optimisation goals with just a tap in the app.

Use AI-driven forecasting and optimisation

Profit from GreenCom’s platform using artificial intelligence to forecast the behaviour of all connected energy assets. Based on historical patterns, the platform learns about asset production and user behaviour and incorporates that into forecasting and full asset optimisation to ensure maximum results for end customers.

Run assets more effectively and efficiently

GreenCom’s solution provides several additional Home Energy Management optimisation capabilities in addition to self-consumption benefits: Apply time-of-use tariffs to steer EV charging to cheap wholesale prices, deploy heat preparation on off-peak prices and much more. Throttle asset consumption levels over time to stay within technical or commercial grid capacity levels. For heat specifically, improve efficiency by reducing heat pump electricity consumption, while retaining the desired level of comfort for the customer.

Home Energy Management in action

End-customers are used to intuitive, seamless services with everything in one place – let’s keep it that way.


All the customer’s energy-relevant assets connected


Live consumption and production overview plus machine-learning-based forecasts


Reports on all relevant energy data including self-consumption, independence, production and more


A dashboard with personalised widgets for a direct overview


Selectable optimisation targets: economic optimisation, CO2 reduction, self-sufficiency

Home Energy Management end customer front end by GreenCom Networks

Home Energy Management takes the energy transition into the living room. It’s not politics or big business. It’s you and me doing something to preserve this planet.

Roel de Krom

Product Manager Home Energy Management

Customer example: Home Energy Management with Centrica​

Centrica is one of the largest energy suppliers in the UK – GreenCom provides the IoT backbone for its Home Energy Management services related to Hive smart home devices, used by around 1.7 million customers.

Besides enabling various distributed assets to interact in the home, GreenCom’s platform allows Centrica to manage the flexibility of IoT-enabled thermostats and heaters, as well as rooftop solar, EV chargers or battery storage for its flexibility trading.

Once these aggregated distributed assets are put into virtual power plants, a multitude of possibilities open up:

  • respond to changing wholesale energy prices and optimise power costs,
  • balance local consumption and generation to reduce carbon emissions,
  • help utilities and grid operators to managing constraints on power grids.


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Roel de Krom, Product Manager Home Energy Managent and Remote Monitoring

Roel de Krom

Product manager Home Energy Management

For more than 10 years, Roel has been shaping the home energy market in various positions. At GreenCom, Roel works tirelessly helping utilities, installers, OEMs and ESCOs to turn their distributed energy asset base into a profitable business model of tomorrow.