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All great stories have a beginning – GreenCom Networks’ journey starts with a small team driven by a unique DNA; a mix of energy industry experts and IT specialists bringing decades of experience to the table. Experience in managing hundreds of thousands of IoT devices. Experience they have leveraged to build a true energy IoT platform.

A platform that is truly scalable, truly device and manufacturer agnostic and that can process data and steer assets in close to real-time, relying on an extensive driver library.

Since its start, GreenCom’s team has grown significantly. Today, its products run on one of the leading platforms for integrating, controlling and aggregating decentralised energy assets.

Plus, in addition to its technical abilities, GreenCom has built a reputation for unlocking value pools for its customers – be it unlocking flexibility margins by aggregation, recurring revenues through end customer services or reducing costs by shifting loads.

GETEC Green Heating - a strategic joint venture​

GreenCom’s joint venture with GETEC – GETEC Green Heating – is a prime example of unlocking value pools. GETEC Green Heating taps into the vast European electric heating market and caters to the housing industry looking for digital and electric heating solutions. The joint venture allows real-estate owners to make a cost-neutral switch to a climate-neutral and sustainable energy supply and is replacing thousands of old electric storage heaters with new, controllable storage heating systems every year. 

As well as the heat supply itself, critical services such as hardware de-installation and installation and operational management, maintenance and billing are also provided. GreenCom Networks’ role in GETEC Green Heating is to connect all involved storage heating systems to its energy IoT platform, optimise the energy flows and provide operational monitoring of the heating systems, including the virtual power plant.

Storage heater by Getec Green Heating

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GreenCom’s management team combines specialists from a wide range of domains including telecom, technology, automation, utilities, and consultancy. Furthermore, our supervisory board holds decades of relevant industry experience and expertise.

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