PSI and GreenCom Networks Conclude a Partnership

Berlin, Feb 09th, 2011– PSI AG and GreenCom Networks GmbH have concluded a partnership for the development of integrated energy management systems. The primary goal is the linking of existing network control systems with information for the end-customer consumption, distributed generation and electrical vehicles.

The energy sector is currently undergoing major changes. The increasing portion of distributed generation, the future possibilities for improved control of the end consumption and the increasing importance of electrical vehicles require new solutions for controlling the energy system. Today´s network control systems allow the monitoring and control of the energy systems in the high and medium voltage range. Distributed generation, intelligent consumption management (demand response) and the use of electro-vehicles is, however, also occurring at the low-voltage level. The partnership between PSI and GreenCom Networks will target this segment.

GreenCom Networks develops solutions for energy suppliers, which allow for demand response and the integration of distributed generation. The information and control possibilities available in the lowvoltage range will be of essential importance for distributed network operators to optimally control their networks. This information can be directly processed by the network control systems of the future. PSI and GreenCom Networks will develop common interfaces for these tasks. The energy suppliers´ sales companies will then be able to provide the network operators with important information about consumption, load shifts or reserve capacities in the low voltage range in real time.

The partnership between PSI and GreenCom Networks also includes the development of the interfaces to trading systems. This will allow to handle demand response products or the management of distributed generators as so-called virtual power plants in the future. Sales companies will then be in a position to significantly increase the value of their customers and obtain additional income on the wholesale market. PSI will bring their expertise in the field of trading systems to the table while GreenCom Networks will contribute solutions for the recording and controlling of demand response and distributed generation products.

´With PSI, we are working with the leading partner in Europe for network control systems, not only from the perspective of market share, but also with regard to the state of development. The partnership will open up entirely new opportunities for optimally supporting the changes in the energy sector, ´ says Dr. Christian Feißt, Speaker of the GreenCom Networks Management.

´Consumption control is an essential component in the integration of the volatile renewable energies and can only be attained through the interaction of communication technology, energy technology and process know-how, says Dr. Harald Schrimpf, CEO of PSI AG. ´With GreenCom Networks, we have obtained a new market participant for customers and partners, a partner with whom we can develop and test the future-oriented technology on the basis of our market-leading energy control systems.´

GreenCom Networks GmbH is a company which develops solutions for the intelligent control of customer consumption, distributed generation and electrical cars. GreenCom Networks develops and operates the solutions for energy suppliers and works closely with leading companies in the industry to establish open standards.

PSI AG develops and integrates complete solutions, on the basis of its own software products, for the management of energy networks (electricity, gas, oil, heat, water), cross-company production management (metals, automotive, mechanical and plant engineering, mining, logistics) and infrastructure management for transport and safety.

PSI was founded in 1969 and employs 1,400 persons in the group.

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