Remote Monitoring for all connected homes and assets

One single platform to provide operational and commercial excellence

The majority of all residential energy assets are either bought to cut cost or to increase independence. In both cases, customers are looking to confirm their choice and thus seek a clear view on asset performance and energy flows, plus the option to proactively manage performance.

However, cluttered manufacturer platforms, each with its own credentials and structure, are the norm. Preventable asset performance issues with these have often resulted in disappointed customers, high service costs and unnecessary installer visits. Lost commercial cross- and upselling opportunities due to lack of data insights follow.

The basis for a sustainable solution is obvious: A single Remote Monitoring platform that provides all customer data and asset performance in one overview and sends alerts when necessary.

Remote Monitoring with GreenCom - benefits for end customers and service providers

What follows after sales and installation of the solar PV system or battery storage? A chance to provide excellent customer service and open up a recurring revenue stream with Remote Monitoring, providing benefits for installers and their customers. 

One platform, excellent service

Profit from one platform with all assets, their connectivity and performance at the ready. Use root cause analysis, automatic alerts and data transparency to provide excellent customer service.

Increase revenue

Improve sales conversion by 5% and offer value-added service solutions like Remote Monitoring subscriptions and/or maintenance solutions while utilising cross- and upsell possibilities.

Save up to 40% on cost

Profit from active notification alerts, including a manual to solve specific problems on the spot, and reduce customer support requests by up to 25% and inefficient customer visits by up to 40%.

Create the foundation for any data-driven business models

Tap into massive business opportunities by building a vast database delivered by connected houses and their assets.

How it works: a unique Remote Monitoring service reducing queries and increasing performance and revenue

Reduce customer queries and increase customer satisfaction

GreenCom’s platform reduces the need for customer queries by providing real-time performance metrics, shown in the consumer frontend. It supports effective customer service by providing root cause insights, failure origin assessments and detailed data insights in an aggregated view.

Manage performance issues proactively

Instantly handle malfunctions, discover internet connectivity issues or defects on asset and customer level with automated performance alerts. GreenCom’s platform provides direct and simple real-time connectivity insights, sends alerts and shows energy flows of all connected devices. Track asset performance levels and manage problems proactively towards the customer instead of waiting for them to occur. The gathered data provides immediate customer level insights into predicted versus actual production and allows for building economically viable production guarantee use cases.

Extend customer relations and expand commercial opportunities

GreenCom’s platform enables the activation of remote service and maintenance concepts for additional value and revenue. Enhance customer relations with cross- and upsell opportunities by giving tailor-made advice on additional asset purchases and services at the right time for better financial returns, improved living comfort or reduced CO2 emissions.

One Remote Monitoring platform to manage all assets and customers easily

No more fiddeling with different applications and Excel documents. All relevant data and insights in one place. 


All customers and assets in one operations platform with real-time energy flows and performance metrics


Direct and easy real-time insight into connectivity and data for smart meters and assets


Smart handling of anomalies with notification on performance issues, connectivity loss or defects


Customer service support with customer mimic function and detailed root case assessment


Reports, statistics and detailed data analysis on variables, customer groups, time-series and more


An operations platform that proactively improvies customer service, failure management and commercial opportunities.

Screenshot of GreenCom Networks' remote monitoring solution

Remote Monitoring brings customers and their assets closer to companies. And it pays off – additional earnings, cross- and upselling opportunities, better ratings and fewer complaints.

Roel de Krom

Product manager Home Energy Management

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Roel de Krom, Product Manager Home Energy Managent and Remote Monitoring

Roel de Krom

Product manager Home Energy Management

For more than 10 years, Roel has been shaping the home energy market in various positions. At GreenCom, Roel works tirelessly helping utilities, installers, OEMs and ESCOs to turn their distributed energy asset base into a profitable business model of tomorrow.