• shine, a brand of GreenCom Networks, launches Brunnthal Energy Community as a showcase in Germany; offers model as end-to-end solution to international customers
  • Community prosumers and consumers to share energy, and receive cash bonuses for balancing supply and demand
  • Dr Felix Grolman, CCO of GreenCom Networks: “Our goal is to use GreenCom’s proprietary technology to build a carbon-neutral village.”

shine, a brand of Europe’s leading Home Energy Management (HEM) company GreenCom Networks, has launched a local energy community in Brunnthal, in the district of Munich. Residents of Brunnthal – a municipality 20km south-east of Munich city centre – will be able to share their surplus electricity in the community and will vice versa receive electricity when they don’t produce enough.

The long-term aim of the Brunnthal Energy Community is for the municipality to become carbon-neutral, independent from outside energy and a model for other energy communities across Europe. This is being done with GreenCom’s technology, which amongst other benefits offers end customers a seamless experience and supplies solution operators with a means of visualisation and control of all energy-relevant processes in real-time.

Local energy community in Brunnthal first energy community as a service

The project lead, Dr Felix Grolman said: “The Brunnthal Energy Community is a trail-blazing project, which utilises our latest technology, such as our virtual power plant, energy management, or energy tariff creation in a full package. Internationally, we are the first company to offer clients an energy community as a service. Here, we’re building a showcase for our international clients, which we can assist them to deliver effortlessly in their home market.”

The local energy community will enable members, either prosumers or consumers, to share energy with each other. For instance, where one household has a surplus of electricity through solar generation, and another is charging an electric vehicle the supply and demand between the two will be optimised to increase independence from outside supply and reduce costs. shine has also pledged that community members will get a cash bonus per each kWh used in balancing the community’s electricity supply and demand. Any residual electricity imported from outside the community will be 100% from renewable sources.

Dr Christian Feisst, CEO of GreenCom Networks, shine’s parent company and the Brunnthal Energy Community’s technology enabler, said: “shine has significant experience in building a strong brand and a sizeable customer base in Germany. GreenCom is one of Europe’s leaders in the HEM and energy IoT technology. Combining these capabilities, we will deliver a cutting-edge energy project which will provide measurable benefits for our partners in the energy, the automotive as well as the retail industry while at the same time strengthening the offer for their customers.”

Front end of local energy community app in Brunnthal
Front end of local energy community app in Brunnthal showing customisable dashboard

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