Electric vehicle charging at home: smart & green

Integrate Smart Charging with Home Energy Management to unlock financial and environmental benefits

Benefit from a clever combination: Smart Charging and Home Energy Management

Smart Charging providers are plenty. So are Home Energy Management solutions. However, an integrated solution optimising the charging of electric vehicles and all other assets in the house is exceptional, just like the benefits from such an integrated solution. 

Cost and emissions savings

Save money and help nature – financial and environmental benefits by energy savings help everyone involved.

Fully integrated EVs

No more switching apps or fiddling with different values – an electric charging experience fully integrated with the home energy system makes it a seamless experience.

Smart optimisation

Expect high optimisation impact – double the share of self-utilised PV and cut charging costs by 50% or utilise dynamic electricity tariffs leading up to 20% less charging costs. Also possible: fulfilling grid capacity constraints.


Never settle for the status quo – once installed, GreenCom’s future-ready infrastructure makes new value creation easy, even including VPP extension opportunities.

Smart Charging within the home

Connect seamlessly with the home energy system

GreenCom’s deep integration with distributed home assets and the energy management potential allows for seamlessly incorporating the electric vehicle and the charging station into the home energy system. Its capability to connect to all distributed assets lays the foundation for high optimisation impact – be it via OCPP, Modbus or GreenCom’s custom API.

Optimise & charge electric vehicles

GreenCom’s platform delivers optimisation for a variety of use cases: Solar charging uses solar energy from the roof to charge electric vehicles and may double the share of self-consumed PV energy – thus minimising CO2 emissions and costs. Following time-of-use tariffs or grid capacity objectives keeps costs and peak usage low while avoiding grid penalties. Of course, all within the local regulatory framework.

Save costs and create engagement

GreenCom’s optimisation provides a holistic charging experience and delivers concrete added value, such as increased self-consumption and avoided grid cost. What is more, this charging experience fully reflects customer mobility preferences, such as departure times, and smoothly interacts with other energy assets in the household. This boosts customer engagement, saves costs and decreases the CO2 footprint at the same time.

Electric vehicle charging integrated with the customer's home in a single portal

Provide customers with a comprehensive charging experience in and around the home.


Easy configuration of electric vehicle and charging preferences


Choice of optimisation targets for charging


Live energy flows of charging behaviour, household consumption, production and much more


Customisable dashboards, reports, analyses, comparisons and data exports from the electric vehicle and all other assets


Customer event notifications including plug state reminders to benefit from solar generation or cheap electricity
Home Energy Management end customer front end by GreenCom Networks

Electric vehicles are a reality. Charging is a daily habit. At GreenCom, we turn charging into a convenient experience and seamlessly integrate it with the sustainable energy world.

Dr. Alexander Schuller

Product Manager Smart Charging

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Alex Schuller, Product Manager Smart Charging

Product Manager Smart Charging

Dr. Alexander Schuller
Alexander is GreenCom’s expert on smart charging. Before joining GreenCom, he shaped the electrification of AUDI AG through the design and implementation of public and smart charging services. Before that, Alex worked as a department manager and researcher at FZI (Research Center for Information Technology) and the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, building the foundation for some of the current smart grid and smart charging developments.