Heat made smart

Cut electricity costs for heating and hot water while maintaining comfort

Smart heating with GreenCom - benefits for end customers and service providers

Smart heating is not just about having an app and schedules to control heating at home. It is full optimisation with the whole home energy management system, transparency for customers and more.

Leverage extensive connectivity expertise

Ensure the biggest impact for connectivity possibilities. Connect heat pumps, storage heaters, smart boilers and micro combined heat and power (CHP) plants and profit from a large number of OEM devices already integrated.

Turn sunshine into heat

Apply self-consumption optimisation algorithms to use as much solar energy for heat generation as possible.

Maximise electricity cost reductions

Run the heat cycle following dynamic energy tariffs and avoid high grid fees by smart capacity management. Save up to €250 each year.

Reduce CO2 emissions

With heat, it is all about reducing the CO2 footprint. Minimise emissions with dedicated optimisation algorithms and offer customers the ability to make their heating as green as possible.

Capture maximum value from heat assets

Connect and integrate all assets

Whether heat pumps, storage heaters or smart boilers, an installed base across the country or a flourishing new installation business – unlocking benefits for customers and providers matters most to GreenCom. By establishing a sizeable connected heat asset portfolio and gaining the knowledge and experience to retrieve data and provide steering commands, it can be done.

Yes, with a diverse brand and model landscape, it’s a challenging task. But GreenCom’s expertise with more than a decade’s experience in energy IoT ensures white-label partners achieve reliable results quickly.

Drive customer benefits and engagement through optimisation

With GreenCom’s optimisation capabilities for smart heat, electricity costs and CO2 emissions are easily reduced. White-label partners can offer the benefits of solar PV self-consumption, using time-of-use tariffs for economical optimisation, or help customers reduce their carbon footprint by using the electrical heating asset at times with significant wind and solar power in the system. Electrical heating assets may also reduce grid costs by managing the peak capacity used or improve the efficiency (COP) of a heat pump to reduce electricity usage whilst maintaining the same comfort levels.

Optimisation ensures lower cost and higher engagement. Combined with GreenCom’s state-of-the-art customer user interface, it provides all the tools to establish a scalable smart heat proposition to customers.

Increase customer engagement by providing easy-to-use desktop and mobile apps offering real-time data, exportable reports, status updates, push notifications and customisable dashboards.

Making heat transparent through a state-of-the-art customer portal

Heat, electricity production and consumption all in one comprehensive overview


Real-time energy flows of the heat pump or storage heater and other assets within the household


Electricity consumption and other performance metrics of the heat assets


Reports on all relevant energy data, including self-consumption, independence, production etc.


A dashboard with personalised widgets for a direct overview


Selectable optimisation targets: economic optimisation, CO2 reduction, self-sufficiency
Home Energy Management end customer front end by GreenCom Networks

With a global installed base of 600 million heat pumps in 2030, heating will be the main driver in the energy market of the next decade – making it smart will open up endless possibilities for utilities, OEMs and ESCOs.

Robert Erdmann

VP Sales OEM, product management Smart Heating

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Robert Erdmann, VP Sales OEM GreenCom Networks

VP Sales OEM

Robert Erdmann

Robert helps manufacturers of decentralised energy devices connect to other relevant assets in the home, enabling new digital business models for service and energy management. As VP of Sales, he keeps his customers’ risk low and time-to-market short by leveraging GreenCom’s existing ecosystem of device integrations and IoT expertise. Robert has many years of experience in building data-driven businesses leveraging the Internet of Things across various industries, both at start-ups and corporates.