Successful use cases run on best-in-class platforms

GreenCom’s energy IoT platform is the central element to unlocking customer value

Connectivity is not a feature – it's at the core of GreenCom's platform

As experts in connecting decentralised renewable energy assets, GreenCom integrates all asset types, across leading OEMs. GreenCom runs a large asset library with around 600 different energy assets that can be integrated, many of them deployed in our projects and labs. GreenCom also has the skillset and capabilities to integrate new assets quickly.

Connectivity is not just a feature – it is a cornerstone of bringing use cases to customers. It is vital for each use case and GreenCom has been developing its connectivity expertise over many years.

Selected integrated manufacturers: 

GreenCom Networks technology platform integrating decentralised energy assets such as PV inverters, EV chargers, heat pumps, storage heaters or battery storage
GreenCom Networks technology platfrom offering either gateway or OEM backend connectivity

A dedicated gateway for high performance at low cost

Delivering complex optimisation algorithms to assets requires connecting to them, reading data, and sending steering commands. To ensure this, the GreenCom platform is integrated with professional backend services from leading OEMs. Where no backend connectivity is possible, GreenCom’s very own gateway ensures flawless service delivery in customers’ houses, coming with many distinct features.

Furthermore, GreenCom adopts and actively shapes standardisation in the industry and is an expert on several standards, among others the Modbus communication protocols:

Excellent home energy management in practice

GreenCom’s optimisation algorithms make up the core of the delivered value. Among others, this entails:

  • maximum use of solar PV production through self-consumption,
  • steering assets to times of low prices with time of use (ToU) optimisation,
  • minimising grid costs by running peak shaving improvements and
  • increasing the efficiency of heat assets while maintaining comfort.
GreenCom Networks' technology platform processing, storing and validating data, AI and machine-learning optimisation algorithms and management commands to assets
GreenCom Networks' technology platform working with external and internal data input such as forecasts, user preferences, asset details, steering parameters, price curves, market and regulatory frameworks and energy data from households

True intelligence all around: Incorporating internal and external data sources

To create value across all assets, GreenCom’s platform uses external and internal data sources, ensuring a solid foundation for optimisation. This includes:

  • Self-learning forecasts on production and consumption
  • Weather prediction input
  • Technical asset details and asset steering parameters
  • Market models and regulatory framework
  • Price curves (power and heat, wholesale and retail or ancillary services)
  • Real-time energy data from the holistic household
  • User preferences

GreenCom’s applications enable effective capability usage

Unlock real customer engagement with GreenCom’s white-label customer UI for household and community use cases, packed with features and all completely brandable.

Have direct access to your portfolio of customers, assets and data to operate (predictive) maintenance, support customer service, perform data analyses and much more.

Support an effective installation and commissioning process with GreenCom’s Installer App for on-site connectivity verification and customer activation. A first-time-right approach.

Optimise flexibility within the assets for further utilisation on the markets, be it demand-response structures, VPP applications, regulatory ancillary applications or others, and maximise value creation of available assets.

Use GreenCom’s API interface to retrieve data directly from the platform for your own systems, analysis or customer-facing applications.

End customer and customer interface of GreenCom Networks' technology platform covering market aggregation, installation and commissioning, site and asset management and the GreenCom API

Have a look yourself – GreenCom's applications help customers and end-customers

A digital infrastructure, secure and GDPR-compliant

The best capabilities only maintain their appeal if they run on a secure platform following strict data protection standards. In GreenCom’s case this means: 

  • European data centres only
  • Data mirrored across multiple data centres for maximum data security
  • Infrastructure providers compliant with ISO 27001
  • Compliance with GDPR standards and regulations
  • Regular external security audits and penetration tests.